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Get Fit Auburn! For personal and small group training, Fitness by Design is your number one facility for training and coaching in the Auburn area. In fact, we were voted #1 by readers of the Auburn Journal two years in a Row! So if your fitness and training goals are as unique as you are, you will appreciate the personalized programs and personalized results you will get with us. Call today at (530) 885-3690 to set up a complimentary assessment and strategy session or click the "Get Fit NOW!" button and have a fantastically fit day =)

FOCUSED on helping you discover your best in personal fitness…


Our goal and obsession is to help everyone we work with produce a better quality of movement. When we move better, we can then move more often. Through appropriate exercise and program design, we improve motor control (mobility/stability), strength, endurance and body composition. Good movement can develop and accelerate great changes in our bodies and is the cornerstone of any fitness program.


… is not just about fuel, but the building blocks which make up our bodies allowing them to function correctly. The habits and “philosophies” (for some it’s almost a religion) which govern the way we interact with food can vary greatly from person to person. From plant based, to Mediterranean and even Paleo… While we don’t discriminate any of these (sorry, no dogma here) the way they are executed can always be improved. We are here to coach you through that.


Having the right outlook is key while engaging in any endeavor, especially fitness. Whether finding the motivation to start, discovering your “why” power, or maintaining momentum through a training plateau. Our game plan is to help you better evaluate the way you see yourself and how you are progressing in your program. The accountability and perspective coaching provides here is invaluable.


Because everyone eventually needs rest and rejuvenation. Often overlooked, and sometimes frustrating (limits are hard to accept), recovery can be dealt with effectively if approached strategically. Mindset, nutrition and movement will all be affected by this and have an equal roll to play here. Measures should be taken in everyone’s program to ensure this is understood and incorporated with respect to an individual’s abilities and tolerances. Done correctly we’re “back in the game,” refreshed and invigorated.

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